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Corporate services for international clients

About Czech Republic

Czech Republic, located in the center of Europe, is a member state of the European Union, NATO, United Nations, OECD and WTO among others. Capital city is Prague with population of 1.3 million.

Czech Republic is a favorite target for investors mainly for its tax incentives, cheap and qualified labor and for wide range of international agreements in the areas of investment protection and the avoidance of double taxation.

Start a business and incorporate in the Czech Republic

We provide all services connected with the entry to the Czech market, starting with advisory and company formations, following with corporate services and company legal management and other related services enabling foreign investors to conduct business such as government regulations compliance.

The most common and favored type of business in the Czech Republic is a limited liability company, in Czech called „Společnost s ručením omezeným“ or simply as „s.r.o.“. The main characteristics are:

  • share capital comprises of the contributions of the stakeholders (not necessary financial contributions)
  • CZK 1 minimal share capital
  • can be incorporated with only one person
  • 19% flat income tax with wide access to double tax treaties or the European directive for the combined taxation of mother and daughter companies

All Czech companies need a registered office within the Czech Republic, where they can be reached by the authorities and where the company’s legal documents must be kept. Our company provides such service of a registered office for all our clients.

Prices of companies in the Czech Republic:
Newly established Ltd (s.r.o.) – 1490 EUR (includes registered office with scanned mail for one year)
Ready-made Ltd (s.r.o.) – 1790 EUR (includes registered office with scanned mail for one year)
Ready-made joint stock company (JSC or „a.s.“ in Czech) – 3490 EUR (includes registered office with scanned mail for one year)

Registered office in Prague, Czech Republic:
490 EUR per year – includes scanning of incoming mail
990 EUR per year – includes shipment of consignments (mail forwarding) anywhere in the EU; for outside of the EU address, please contact us for individual pricing
Accounting from EUR 350 per year, company data mailbox management from EUR 100 per year.

Please be advised that final prices can change based on the additional servies if you require them.

Prices are final and include preparation of all documents in Czech and English languages, courier fees, name check, consultancy with our specialists, legal fees of the Czech authorities etc.
For additional information, please contact us directly at info@corporate.cz

Ready-made companies do not have any history. They did not perform any actions except for establishing the company itself. The client has multiple guarantees:
– declaration of previous shareholder in the share transfer agreement that there are no rights ot liabilities on the shares
– declaration of the director, that the company has not traded, has no liabilities and the share capital is fully paid up
– bank statement showing all transactions on the company’s bank account
– possible declaration from the tax/financial authority in CZ that the company has no liabilities to the state
– guarantee of the provider that is on the market for more than 10 years with more than 1.000 ready-made companies sold
– additionally audit of transferred ready-made company can be provided
– paid up share capital from CZK 2.000 (approx. EUR 73) ensures low risk

Ready-made companies have three significant advantages:
– time saving – establishing a company takes 4 weeks, ready-made company can be sold in one day and even without the client’s presence in Czech Republic
-share capital – ready-made companies have the share capital fully paid up; when establishing the company the owner has to deposit the share capital in the bank in the Czech Republic
presence – ready-made company can be transferred on distance however accessing the Czech bank account requires client’s presence in the Czech Republic

As to bank loans and leasing, there are no advantages for ready-made companies, as they have clear/blank history and can not show any turnover or financial statements.

In case of any questions or iquiries, fell free to contact us at +420 227 03 04 11 or info@corporate.cz.


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